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The majority of men in this world have the urge to be at a powerful womans feet and to adore, worship and obey her at all times  Even the most alpha males that you can imagine can also be reduced to a pathetic wimp whilst  in the presence of a female with a strong attitude and personalty and dominant nature .  But we also have the men who live  to serve a powerful dominant female at all times. They will always see the females as the most powerful sex and they will always obey and worship their owner and respect their place in a superior females presence
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These strong willed females are on webcam now waiting to take over your life and world. They are strong females with attitude, who don't give 2 hoots about you or your circumstances, they enjoy abusing, tormenting, degrading, humiliating and making you feel as pathetic as possible. 

Nothing pleases and makes them laugh and take pictures more than having a pathetic male pig on his hands and knees crawling around the wet cold floor snorting like a pig, licking her sexy feet to cleaning her dirty smelly boots as he begs and yearns for mercy. They enjoy verbally abusing them and using so many nasty words to make them feel even more pathetic  and worthless they also enjoy making you humiliate your self for their own twisted and sordid pleasure. They will make  you write degrading, disgusting things on your body using a black marker pen, demanding you admit that you are bad  at sex and not worthy of females or recount and write about every embarrassing sexual episode you ever had. 

They love to torture their inferior subs. Demanding they put clothes pegs on their nipples and then attach weights, tie their balls up with string, shoe laces, or rope and to slap them hard, or twist them as Mistress listens to them scream in pain and beg more and more for mercy. These dominant females will ignore you, this is the world of a dominatrix and her power games her tops and bottoms and how she humiliates and takes ownership of her submissives. She will demand you take a belt or slipper and slap that ass  hard untill it is bright red, to slap your own face till it stings and blisters Or maybe they will Demand and insist that you take a ruler to your feet until the tears stream down your face and at every twist and turn she will laugh in your face.

 These strong willed females enjoy inflicting every type of pain you can imagine, they enjoy watching you squirm and to hear you beg for mercy, they enjoy the control, the lifestyle they are dominant by nature, they thrive on humiliation, take pictures and videos and blackmail you, demand financial assistance from you. These females enjoy Joi, cei, tease and denial, spanking, forced feminization, public humiliation and so much more. So if you are ready for a mistress cam show in a free chat room with ruthless women who don't give a shit, then enter our live rooms now and begin that journey into slave submission More At Source  fetish chat rooms here
Are you ready to see and feel what it is like to have cbt? Cock and ball torture, where Mistress will give you a list of items to bring to your live cam show, like a wooden spoon, candle, shoe laces toothpaste and pegs, she will then describe in great detail exactly what you need to do with them as she sits back and laughs at you and verbally abuses you. She enjoys telling you about her other slaves and just how far she has pushed them and just how far she is going to push you. These mean bitches and evil Mistresses know exactly what buttons to press when it comes to online domination, power play, mind control, hypno, black mail and financial domination, they demand you slap and twist they balls as they take pictures and videos, they give you instructions that frighten you and they push you so hard and watch as they break you bit by bit.

Tie they balls up and now slap them hard with the spoon, drop candle wax all over that tip of the cock, get ice and slide it up you ass and down your pee hole, these are just some of the demands you can expect in these type of cock and ball torture webcam sessions,
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