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The fetish section of every cam site is always one of the busiest sections.Let's face it everyone has a preference to something when it comes to sexual fun and we all enjoy a particular type of fetish whether we want it to admit it or not, we can get boners about certain things, like a female in stockings, or a hot girl in a push up bra, or long sexy legs or even seeing a female in pantyhose while smoking. Th epoint is if it gets us hard and excited and we enjoy it mostly when visitng a cam host then we have a fetish. Live fetish chats are alwaysfun and a great way to try new things  
- Feet
- Ass
- Tits
- High heels
- Leather
- Rubber
- Pvc
- Latex
- Smoking
- Tattoos
- Piercings
- Cleavage

The above list is just some of the different types of fetish available on our live cam sites or the ones  that are requested more than others. so do read on and then check out the live rooms right away. More fetish cams right here

Always one of th emost popular, a hot girl dangling her foot in front of you with her high heeled shoe dangling off, or she pushes that foot up to the camera or even starts to suck on her own toes and then tells you what she wants you to do with her feet, soles, ankles. Foot fetish is always the top of the list when it comes to popular fetishes
Smoking sessions are another very popular area,  smoking fetish cam shows. Hot girls smoking cigarettes from the packet to putting it between her lips and lighting it. Watching her take a long drag on it and blow out thick smoke, or using you as a human ashtray, fench inhales, smoke rings, lip gloss and smoking and so much more do check it out.
Sexy ass is always popular, you imagine her sitting on your face rubbing her ass and pussy into your face, she dominates you with ass, she makes you sniff, lick and finger it, she gets you to where she wants you to be
HIGH HEELS you can head on back over to our mistress cams and select the one to give you the best in online training

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